Friday, January 23, 2009

The Theory of Stupid

From a comment in the Dallas Morning News.

FadingLullaby: It is called the Theory of Evolution for a reason (It is not proven nor could it ever really be proven unless someone happens to be millions of years old). If we are going to explain to students one theory should we not explain all major theories and then let the students decide for themselves? Darwinism is just as much a religion as Creationism is. Neither can be proven, both have flaws, and both are theories.

This person votes. This person drives.


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  1. but Darwinism is more sane and can be logically argued upon
    creationism is just as stupid as believing in Santa or prophets who talked to god or the burning bush..............
    i think when the entire world realizes that religion is nothing but a scam, the world starts to advance towards peace...