Tuesday, October 12, 2010

O'Brother, O'Brien and Obama

A friend of mine made the above graphic. I find it a refreshing less than subtle reference to the warning of a certain Mr. George Orwell made about dangers of soft tyranny of a big government resulting from seemingly small steps towards eventual totalitarianism. Of course I refer to the book 1984. In this book, reductions in 'rations' are referred to increases. "Spin" became the primary exported product. Enemies we war with today are allies tomorrow and again enemies the following year, but in all this never really acknowledging motivation or providing true rationale. Do not question the party was the clear message. Such novels scared the hell of me as high school student with its warning that nothing is for free. Freedom allows for failure or success. It is indifferent.

Unfortunately, where are the options for someone who wants a limited, constitutional based republic that has little if any implied power, but only those expressly provided to it? The Tea Party? The GoP? Unfortunately, these parties miss the mark too. Government intrusion whether socialistic in nature, where everyone suffers equally under stagnation or if that government consists of religiously infused anti science 'social conservative' will suffer intellectual hypocrisy and become equally destructive. In the end, as Mr. Smith found out in the novel, both lead to same place - a 'nanny state' of social tyranny of neighbors reporting on neighbors and citizens losing even the most basic self sufficiency, including such as where to eat, whom to date, what 'words' are acceptable to speak. It is a high price to pay to relegate responsibility from the local and state level to the federal.

It is going to take a while to work this out. Power corrupts and those who have it tend to like to keep it that way.