Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just a quick thought. Our President stated that if I want to keep my health care program, I can. How can he guarantee this? How would this be enforced when a public option would be so attractive any corporation or business with employees currently offering such benefits? Does he not realizes these are costs which could be cut which affect the bottom line which could translate into more jobs, or lower production costs, or greater profit? What company management would refuse such an offer? What board of directors would tolerate such blind eye to such opportunities for cost savings? So, why are we being lied to? Or is there another possibility? Failure to do the homework? Perhaps he did...There was a country in Europe who did this type of centralized control as its own social programs spiraled out of control into a centralized mess which dictators love. Not necessarily the ones who create them. This country along with England, Russia had to clean that one up. All this is pretty much evidence our education system fails to teach world history.

Red Alert.