Friday, December 2, 2011

The Marking of thy Beast?

I saw this in my Pop Mechanics ad section. Not sure where to start. So many jokes, so little time.

1. If they added a 9, is this a hidden '666'?

2. I thought my social security number,  my drivers license number, UPC labels, and my bank account were at one time declared the mark of the beast? Maybe BoA truly is a code for Beast of America?

3. Him is 'the' government? Theocracy is working well for Iran, why not here? But its going to be my specific flavor and version of the Christian bible which matters. After all, we all can't be right. Right?

4. Maybe Miami Ink is interested in developing a franchise for this? Maybe our economy can be tattoo based? I hope they need some IT services. It'll probably be outsourced to a place full of infidels, you know - like Utah.

5.  Never under estimate our universe's capacity to make a better moron. You would think we would have evolved a bit. But keep in mind that evolution only requires successful adaptation to a changing environment which allows you to live long enough to reproduce, before dying more successfully than others.

6. If Noah had to gather animals two by two, did the ducks swim? Did they worry about invasive species like fire ants & zebra mussels?