Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Conspiring Universe

The experiences we gather throughout life by definition are unique. This notion applies to both work and life experiences. At times the Universe can seem indifferent when we need a little help, seem to favor us when when things go well, and sometimes she can seem to conspire against us and appear outright cruel when she is at her worst. She can shake your core beliefs and take a perspective which you would take as a certainty and turn it on its head with a flash, casting doubt on all that you knew as fact. But - the Universe simply is. Many of us realize this, but still personify and personalize our relationship to the world and Universe anyway. Why?

Our opinions and life views are shaped by what we experience, who and what we are exposed, and how we respond to these situations. These opinions are formed, and reinforced over time by these unique personal experiences. No one can take this away and no one can substitute their own experiences for other's. The best we can do is enjoy shared experiences and try to understand, but even this is limited. We may be exposed to the same situation, but will respond differently as we have interpret that situation based on our own filtering and coping mechanisms. We as human beings tend to stay within our own comfort zones of what is familiar and reinforce what is expected. We will see world as expect to see it. But sometimes, the Universe has a surprise for us and it is not pleasant when she decides to shake it up a bit. Often this prospect is even more bothersome if the membrane between relative success and failure seems to place us a precipice and leaves us disappointed, distraught. But it need not be all gloom as Jim Morrison said in Roadhouse Blues, Well, I got up this morning a got myself a beer. The future's uncertain and the end is always near. Let it roll, baby roll.

Message? Sometimes you need to have that Martini, realize there is going to be issues, and move forward. Although, I would probably wait until after lunch for that Martini. The future is never certain, except there will be one.


  1. 1. you are the one checking your horoscope lol...
    2. i like how you tie and relate things to a martini...

  2. 1. I like to see if it's random. The gravity of Venus has less effect on me than the gravity of my martini olive.

    2. Are not all things relative to a martini?