Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Methane on Mars?

This is cool, despite the cause. Depending on what you hear, where you hear it, it is either strong signal of life or just geothermic activities. However, here on this planet – it is almost always from life. But Mars is cold. Mars is different. Mars apparently has no recent volcanic venting, no recent lava flows. Yet there is evidence, observed of recent water venting in the few years from photos of the same spot in the side of crater, or so it seems. So something is warming the water. If it is water. See how this is confusing? Maybe that same process is also keeping something alive and burping up some methane? Then again, maybe that process is simply burping up methane. Let's not jump to optical conclusions?

There may be surprises waiting for us that are interesting, but not biological. The press headlines, well - they are just shameless.

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