Friday, January 23, 2009

Stem Cell Trial

The tides seem to be turning on the position on stem cell research of the former Bush administration. This is good news for the world, good news for the USA, but bad news for fear mongers and those, if born at another time, would not support the use of antibiotics, believe in germ theory, reject the idea of a flat earth, understand the stuff of air, and would cling to the notion that the sun moves across the surface of the Earth. Yes – it’s true – the FDA under a new administration and bright light, which seems progressive, moving forward - has approved a clinical trial in humans, in the USA. True - it is a little late and we are playing catch up. The critics will say this will create a market for embryos. The critics will say this will destroy life. Well, the critics are arguing from a point of ignorance. I do not mean ignorance as being stupid; I mean not being informed of facts. The critic would be satisfied with flushing a perfectly good embryo down the drain which was not used for in vitro fertilization. A left over if you will. The critic considers this more ethical. Come to think of it, should we add in vitro fertilization to the taboo list of the fear monger?

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