Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taxes and Those Who Evade Them

There has been much talk lately about tax cuts. Who deserves a cut? Who does not? Those who pay taxes? Those who do not? Is there such a thing? Critics argue back and forth who is deserving of such so-called tax cuts, tax rebates, or economic stimulus packages. But who are these critics anyway? It occurs to me while driving the children to their public school down a public highway, past a certain section, there are always orange cones set up and the or local police department is directing traffic into a local private Christian school from the center turn lane. I find this somewhat ironic if not irritating. I know that on Saturdays and Sundays, off duty officers can volunteer and most churches will reimburse for fuel and general wear on the vehicles. But these are not off duty officers and vehicles are tied up. This is a daily ritual and this tax exempt organization does not have to employ private personnel nor purchase a traffic signal. As I continue to drive to the public school, I think about the property tax bill due this month, the sales tax rate which always seems to be going up, the monthly HOA dues to pay for our community, the bonds for our public schools and roads, and the federal income tax time coming up.

I kiss the kids goodbye as I drop them off at the local 'robin hood' Texas public school. I take a sip of my coffee and begin my commute to work to help subsidize efforts to replace science in the classroom with a perversion of the Flintstones well knowing that at this exact same time, this type of 'tax dollars at work' event is happening on another stretch of highway only a few miles away. I take another sip and speed up a little.

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  1. taxes are a sham and hoax.
    the cops you see were probably off duty as well, however if they are using the police cars, i have a problem with that.

    social engineering even down to this level should be abolished.
    those private schools can and should hire tier own traffic officers like they hire their own security, syllabus and....