Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peanut Butter Contamination or Genesis Secret or Occam's Razor?

With all the concern about contaminated peanut butter, maybe life is indeed springing from sealed containers after all? No? Ok, It's time to return to Peanut Butter man. But really, I think this a little funny, yet a little scary at the same time. I guess Dr. Missler has not heard of very ancient concept known as Panspermia. A concept where life did not necessarily originate here on Earth. It suggests it was deposited via a rocky asteroid or an icy comet. We know microbes are hardy little beasts and can quite well survive within rocks. What if such a rock were to fall to a barren young Earth? We do know comets have visited us already. Why should the material of life be unique to this planet? Sometimes people look to magic when the simplest explanation is quite sufficient. But this model, does not fit his template for a perfect closed world view. His energy is magic. Enjoy the video. There are many variations. I have included the link to the 'fair and balanced version'. Dr. Missler presumes much, but his mistake is he presumes the Earth is a closed system, when the ancient Greeks did not even do this!

Life from Peanut Butter


  1. You may want to get acquainted with the problems for panspermia. For starters, readers can check out the WIkipedia entry on the Rare Earth Hypothesis - The point is that even if organisms get from space to earth in viable condition (itself a feat with significant obstacles), that doesn't guarantee life where they wind up. The above entry will direct readers to books and other material on scientists who have done due diligence in articulating the Rare Earth Hypothesis.

  2. Significant Obstacles and rare events - true, most theories do have obstacles. I suspect it more probable than not. It seems more reasonable to assume the seeds of life everywhere and should contact the Earth time to time. Consider our moon's origin. The prevailing theory and evidence is based on Mars size object smashing into a young Earth. What was left settled down to form our lifeless moon. Was it lifeless before? Was Earth lifeless before this event? Much later, imagine a good size asteroid creating an impact and blowing ejecta into space which happens to have extremophiles which make it to Earth or from Earth? Comets can seed planets with their materials. How did we get all our water? I will take the prospect of 'rare' over 'magical'. From my understanding of Earth’s rarity, besides its distance from the sun, is its orientation on its axis, the tidal effect of the moon, and a giant vacuum cleaner out there cleaning up debris we call Jupiter. Of course, maybe the Earth was completely lifeless. Maybe it is possible Garden of Eden was some place on Venus and the Earth was terra-formed with a space ship 'Ark' equipped with bio samples because Venus was being destroyed by the ‘Apple of knowledge’ and the stories and timelines were confused over time. But, I doubt it.