Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama’s going to unleash Stem Cell Research?

A friend of mine was concerned that soon to be President Obama was going to undo stem cell research and this would lead to cloning. Cows, Sheep, and then human cloning as he put it. As a Fox news viewer, this was all very scary to him. Plus he said, "Did you not see "The Clone Wars"? He went on - "How would feel if all these identical copies of you are walking around?" “Would you not feel weird knowing that was ‘you’ everywhere”? I found this quite puzzling and replied “They would not actually be me”. Stating that once the egg gets fertilized and moves on to become an embryo - that is when the changes to the cells or mutations start happening and they are no longer identical, and so on. I started to lose him and did not convince him. He started 'I disagree' they are you. He said was concerned that Mr. Obama was going to undo all that Mr. Bush had stifled stem cell because this type of research is playing ‘God’. I could only respond with, “The exact same thing was said about heart transplants and I think it would far better to grow a heart rather than to wait for a heart to be harvested”.

He has identical twins. They are not identical anymore. Things such as cosmic rays, or background radiation, or UV rays, plus all that complex cell division; I had to laugh to myself. An understanding of policy of science built but on religion and fiction?

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