Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Miss...I'll have that drink after all, make it a double!

Flying on a major carrier yesterday I saw something quite interesting on our bumpy ride. A small jet. Something like a Gulfstream approaching us from the front on our starboard side and quite close. This seemed well within 3000-5000 feet zone below us as it zipped by. We were on cruise and did not divert. We just kept on cruising. The other plane diverted a little, or at least was in the process of the attempt. I saw a lot of black smoke coming from her engines. Oddly, I had just had my camera out taking pictures of a minor fuel leak and just missed this. As for the leak, I am told by a credible source this is OK as long they fix it within few days for this type of problem. I can take fuel seeping, but I like my airspace spacey. Turbulence is a funny thing, you can drop a bit and into an oncoming lane. I think we did that.

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