Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Deer Hunting Poser

I pride myself on being Texan. At certain times, I often shake my head in disbelief by such association. There are times I remain convinced there are certain types of evolutionary misfits, not limited to what I’ll refer to as x-inlaws which make raising young men difficult. As a Texan, I am compelled to speak. I am speaking of the nonsense directed to young boys which must be undone time to time by explaining the meaning of words, the occasional ramifications of actions, and the often necessary reinforcement of how a man should be measured. I am speaking of what is was described to me as a sad ritual being given the name deer hunting. I think about the etymology of the word and how it has been morphed and perverted to mean to do nothing and wait for a chance to shoot something. I think this is scary concept. These people actually think it is OK to set up feed bait and to set up cameras. These people let their prey get accustomed to feeding at specific times. These people learn their prey's behavior. Then, out of their own appeal for machismo gratification, these people then go into hiding and wait for their opportunity to ambush their prey. To take advantage of the baited. To sneak attack the unsuspecting. These people call this hunting. These people are posers merely pretending they are acting as men. Most reasonable people would demand some aspect of ‘hunt’ involved. Perhaps some skill, or some effort against nature, if that is your thing - at least one should be honest about it. These activities have more in common with watching football or farming than hunting. At its worst, this activity is is little better than drug dealing as it is an opportunistic hobby that takes advantage of the weak and mislead. At its best, it is a passive activity wholly unrelated to the nature of hunting or even ranching. Ever get close to a bull and tend to his needs? That is danger. For myself, I understood early in life if you want to hunt, go hunting. If you cannot, then do not. It would be like barbecuing in a microwave. It simply is not technically possible. Go out for some sashimi or Mediterranean instead. Do not confuse yourself or others by calling it something it clearly is not. Maybe take up fishing, but try not to cheat others and yourself. After all, what is the lesson being taught here? Just sit back and wait and thing to come to you and shoot it?

No thank you. I often wonder - could such a person really hunt? I doubt it.

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