Monday, February 2, 2009

Children believe in Santa because they want something. The elderly, desperate, and the infirm pray to God...

For some this realization takes a while. For others, failure is simply an opportunity to do something different. Consider that someone could spend their entire productive life believing they were expending considerable resources towards the goals of making the company they work for successful, sacrificing much only to have these beliefs shattered when they became aware these goals are not necessarily shared by the management they work for. Everyone fails in the event the company fails because of ethical reasons of senior management, or worse - in case of criminal conduct resulting in catastrophic losses for the company. Often it is very personal for those were led to believe in the better angels within us. Whereas, often from the business perspective, there is detachment, cold and hard, day to day realities. A different and insensitive reality not easily understood. Perhaps not by anyone. Perhaps done by desperation of the honorable. Perhaps the last action of the incompetant. Even in the best of times, the often heard response has been a round of ethical training without a visible target like some clumsy hammer of policy to solve a social problem which is not unlike some kind of panacea or piƱata where the idea is to hit it (and everyone) hard enough until enough ethical candy will spill out. Instead, would not some actual focus on the actual problems would yield better results and be perceived as more genuine by all? For this reason, there is the realization in the last two decades of the disposable worker. There always has been this concept, but this has moved into the so-called white collar area. This idea allows the employee the freedom to know that management will never have their interest at heart. This employee must know when it is time to go. Faith is something they must reserve for themselves in the quarter by quarter climate. But this attitude may well be a relic of history. There may be drift toward more small businesses ownership. This is the reason small business is so important to the United States. Today more than ever people want to take solace in being part of a company that believes they are part of the solution, where effort will be rewarded and leadership is honorable. Perhaps we will see a greater trend of compensation of executive leadership tied not just short term stock gains and contract life of the previous decade, but long term success of the company combined with the resurgence of shared ownership of equity ownership by all stakeholders in longer term sense. In the end, the person who has varied life experiences and those who provide good examples of leadership are going to find them self happier and more able to see what matters, what is and not worth their time. They will not be so myopic to believe that everyone has their best interest to heart. Nor will they be so jaded to believe that everyone in a leadership every role is not worthy of their support and their respect. This will allow some balance. Just do not let that work thing become your identity. Save your own soul.

Consider: Children believe in Santa because they want something. The elderly, desperate, and the infirm pray to God because they lost something.


  1. When I worked at McKesson, with having Daniel on top guiding us, I thought we were onto something. I thought I am part of this great IT organization who is helping the business grow....but right after he left and the Georgian rednecks and ass wholes took over, everything went down the drain, including my hopes, dreams, ethics and.........
    i guess i was inexperience and learned the hardway....but now i know

  2. Yes. It takes only single great leader to show how truly bad a bad leader can be. Some peoople believe in hell. I prefer to just not make them sucessful by work working for them, if possible. I think that is what is really meant by selling your soul. That is why loyalty is so important.