Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The GoP is Gone.

I hear a lot of whining about the Republican Party. What happened? Well the Christian Right happened. Those that prefer economics and other sensibilities sent it bye bye. To recover, the GoP must abandon the Fundamentalists which should join their brethren in the countries in the Mid East where stoning is still in fashion. The GoP had succumbed to a hostile take over by these people and any base of so-called Reagan Democrats soon became history. Yes, we the people, in order to form a more perfect union need a thinking person's leader. We got one. If you we believe we have too much government now, it is because of the last 8 years lacked any meaningful governing. In any sector the government is responsible for, we are worse off. That is not opinion, that is a metric and measurable. Science, space, defense, medical, roads, - need I go on? The required response we need is not less or handing more governing over to Monday morning pray groups in the Oval Office as W had, presumably hoping for some divine intervention, but maybe leadership? You see, conservatism requires less government. A non intrusive government. But what is left must function. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, so whomever we give it too, they need a little oversight. The often touted belief that because there has not been a terrorist attack is evidence of good governance is bogus logical fallacy and invalid because the lack a attack is not an affirmation of good governance. It simply means we have not have been attacked before 2001 as after. The reason is just because.

Having church and state blended into government the way W. afforded access was just terrible. Remember JFK? The fear with JFK was the Pope would have a direct telephone line to the White House giving the Catholic church a little too much access. JFK understood the constitution and his role. He talked about this point and reassured us. Today, we look at this and collectively shrug like it is normal to allow Evangelicals to advise our leaders. So today, any morality speak from the Christian Right and its influence on our government has to be considered suspect. Even if their hearts were pure, the mere ideology of itself is offensive. Consider that someone who believes we should have limits placed on our behavior because they will affect our future in an after life is poor reasoning and a cop out. The reasoning should be because it is the right thing to do. Threats of eternal damnation? That is why I should behave? That seems possibly empty as the threat of Don't make me turn this car around! What if I do not bite off on this gem offered by a minority religion when compared to the rest of the planet? What about the rest of the galaxy? What you think that is a silly thing to speculate on? What did the Pope think about the poor savages in what we now refer to as Florida? Did all those people go straight to hell before being saved? Post mortem baptisms? The Mormon's do this today and one of these clowns ran for Office of the President of the United States.

Does anyone have a right to push this agenda on me? What if I do not want to squander my life as you would your own because I would believe you get only one chance to not screw up? That is, we should do good things because we should. Not because of fear of punishment. But you see, that is the point of most religions. Control of resources and just plain control. Can you have a soul? A spirit? Maybe - but I'll cross that bridge myself because one is about resource management the other one is not. Man made religion. Perhaps a spirit cannot be made nor unmade. Best to leave it alone. Best to quiz our elected leaders on the finer points of law. Those man made laws.

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more! The GOP has been hijacked and I just don't see the leadership within the party today that can get it back.