Monday, November 14, 2011

Penn State: Joe the Criminal. Penn Fans the Criminals. Penn Administration the Criminals.

Not much to say on this other than the obvious.

Joe is a criminal of the worst kind. He is worse than the alleged child rapist. He is an accessory.  Regardless of the fact of the crime or just an allegation. He may as well held the boy down and watched. He was an indirect participant. He was informed of a crime and kept the child sexual predator on his staff. Forget that he reported the incident as he kept the child sexual predator on his staff. Forget that he reported the incident as he did not follow up after that report. Anyone with knowledge of the crime who did nothing should not only be fired - but charged and convicted as if they were an active participant. After all, silence speaks loudly. Did this alleged reporting allow Joe to put his head down on a pillow every night?

Serving some time to rethink right vs. wrong with some "direct" prison experience might serve as a warning to others tempted to cast a blind eye in the future. Anyone who threatens the whistle blower should receive the same consideration. I am pretty sure that prison would be comparatively safe and comfortable if this happened to my family not only to the direct predator, but those that condoned and rewarded the sexual predator. Any fan with misguided loyalty to the institution of college football needs to pause and think about the crime committed and about the message of their own tacit approval.

SMU was suspended from playing for a minor infraction of paying players to play while Penn State's sexual predatory practices are ignored. Does the NCAA have any regulations against raping a 10 year old boy in a locker room? It is disgusting they apparently need such a rule to immediately suspend a team as it is demonstratively clear that  NCAA objectives take priority over blatant crimes of the worst kind.  Widespread public condoning of this magnitude brings such a crime to a breathtakingly sick level.


  1. The other night he said, "He was only horsing around"...what the fuck that's supposed to mean?

  2. Perhaps in a Roman or Greek sense this was tolerated and promoted. We as a species have not really changed in 2000 years. I wonder if Joe bothered to ask the boy?