Monday, November 7, 2011

Evidence for Genesis: Adam

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 Sometimes you just have call people on their bullshit.

I just came across your article on Adam.  It is mix of unintended humor and bizarre thinking. It is scary that people like you vote or have any influence on *anyone*.  First of all, you are ignorant of facts and well understood theory. I suspect you are ignorant of the word ignorant, so I'll explain. It means unaware of or not informed of. It does not mean stupid. I do not know you, so I cannot say you are stupid. However, this document does provide evidence you are either clearly ignorant or deliberately trying to make other people ignorant. However, more evidence is required to know if you are truly stupid, plain ignorant, an evidence denier, or if you are just deliberately misleading people.  See how I used the word evidence?

First of all:

1. Evidences?  It is evidence. In science, there is never a single piece of evidence. It is a bunch of observations that can be verified that suggest "supporting" evidence. Evidence that refutes a theory breaks the theory. Simple.  But, I doubt you even understand the word theory. It does not mean "belief" or "hunch". Think of it is an idea that can be proposed which can either refuted or supported. An idea which requires an answer through observation, indirect observation, experimentation, and is repeatable without any magical thinking or supernatural explanation. Repeatable mean repeatable by others. Did you know that 'gravity' is a theory with limited supported evidence as we are just scratching the surface? We only have 'indirect' evidence of gravity. Sometimes it takes a long time for the answer to arrive. Sometimes the means available to understand is limited.

2. Science does not get into God. Why do some religions insist of getting into science (or attempt to).

You wrote: 

Now if one assumes that the "microcephalin variant could have arisen anywhere from 14,000 to 60,000 years ago", possibly could correspond to the "Big Bang" 

Where to begin?  Who would assume this? You are off on your dates by a about 14 billion years, give or take. Do you think that perhaps there could be another possibility of what happened about 14,000 years ago besides your bogus argument of its either "big bang" or "God"?  Do you know that it started with eating a high protein shellfish diet vs. lower protein vegetarian diet? It did not happen quickly. Again, your timing is off as are off by about 4-5 million years.

4. Its hard to be rational with the irrational. Irrational meaning that you are of the mindset to not see a particular story of the bible as a metaphor or parable that fit the time so that it could be understood to educate, or by changing the names and circumstances one can make a statement about something which may get one killed if suggested directly. Do you do not understand the notion that language predates writing? Do you believe geologic, biologic, astronomic, etc  "evidence" is suspect because it causes doubt or discomfort and was placed here to test your belief? 

Why must people like you say anything about anything when you have no idea what you are talking about?  If you are of the mindset that to reject something written (in the accepted  'books' of the bible), you are rejecting all?  In science it is perfectly ok to say I do not know if there is lack of evidence to explain an observation. It does not mean, I do not know, and because I do not know, no one can ever know.

5. Lastly, why don't you do a google search microcephalin variant. You will find the studies suggest the brain is still changing (evolving).  Perhaps you would also do yourself a favor if you actually researched terms like evolution, science, theory,  big bang, etc.  You may want to consider not forming a conclusion and searching for evidence to back it up and ignoring anything which refutes your conclusions.  Try letting evidence take you where it does. Evidence does not lie or mislead. Evidence is information waiting to be discovered and understood. That understanding gets refined, improved, and updated continuously.

Go learn something. There is wonder and amazement in understanding. God does not like slovenly behavior. Perhaps one day you will understand that ignorance is one such deadly sin.

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