Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Creation of the Solar System

Check out the video on Jupiter in the preview. This is breathtakingly, incredibly wrong and absent of any merit.  The insane conjectures in this video series are too many to mention in detail. But here is an example: lack of craters do not suggest a planet or moon is 'young' but rather that there is a mechanism to resurface the world. Their conclusion is that a lack of craters implies young planet. The concept of tidal stress to heat up a core is intentionally discarded. Another fun item was the spin rate of Jupiter and conclusions drawn on the energy required to spin it so fast.

Their use of the word evolution illustrates their misunderstanding of the most basic science. It is almost intended as dirty word.  We make predictions and refine theory based on found evidence. That is great thing about science.

As you see the video, you hear the bible had been rejected. This is in fact is even misleading. Science, no matter what field, does not consult the bible to either support or reject theory. Of course there are unknowns. It does not weigh in on the matter of religion. This is why we discover evidence and support theories or reject them, and allowing theories evolve.  However, the creationists here are abandoning well understood science to deliberately mislead others and to support their conclusions required in biblical faith.

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