Monday, April 4, 2011

Anger Managment

Let me get this straight:  The clerics drum up their people over burning of the Koran by some Florida hillbilly minister but consider human life so cheap they seem not to care about about actual US sanctioned 'Kill Teams'? 

Our 'continuing' mission: We are to win their hearts and minds? Why would we want to?   None of this makes any sense. Read the link to the Rolling Stone article HERE for some appalling conduct. See the pictures HERE.

We are not 5th century people nor can we really relate to 5th century people. Why must we act like 5th century people?

In the end, we end up with well trained, immoral killing machines that come home. These veterans (young men) are expected to reintegrate into US society? Where is the press on this?  All but silent it seems - at least until one comes back to wreak havoc here.

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