Friday, June 4, 2010

Bundle This!

Have you ever tried to unbundle a service from Verizon? It is not possible. At least Verizon does not make this easy. After waiting on hold for what seems an eternity, the customer service represent is determined to have me keep the telephone service I no longer had use for. My logic was that because in fact, I never did use for it, so why have it? Doing what seems to make sense to one person is lost revenue for unused services by another. I am being told that should I remove a service I do not need, the other services such as Internet access and television will have their contract extended by another 24 months from today, but only reduce the entire bill by about $20 for only the phone portion of service currently costing me $50 before taxes. On top of the the extension, if that was not bad enough a $179 disconnection fee would be charged. The best possible outcome is for to wait until October when the contract expires and cancel EVERYTHING and move to someone one else.

Which I will!

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